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I think I am beginning to move away from doing the big newsletters. As you can see I took a long time adding the one from March, which was a catch-up for January through March. Life in this orchestra got out of control with managing time and in my few days off, writing and blogging was an impossibility because I would be tired or just needing to do something completely mindless like video games or watching some horrible TV show.

My plans moving forward are to introduce a video diary of the weird things that happen to me in Japan and I will write blog posts about my musical experiences. There have been many that I want to share that I just haven't had time to do. The biggest one is going on tour. Expect that to be coming fairly soon. I currently have Mono so I have some time on my hands to write and catch up on this website.

Since this past issue of Horn Gaijin I have performed on tour throughout Japan (13 days, 12 cities and 12 concerts), two subscription concerts, 7 kid's concerts and an opera tour.

Please bear with me through these changes!!!!

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